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New Book RECLAIM YOUR POWER Reveals: How to Potentially Improve Your Mental Health and Dramatically Increase Your Happiness!

So That You Can Create Better Mental Health and Happiness for Life.

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Reclaim Your Power

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"Great book gents if you have not read it yet you are Missing Out...!"

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'Well done mate...It's a great read with many nuggets of gold'

Andy Fermo Invisible Injuries Podcast

'Great book gents. If you have not read it yet you are missing out on quality tools to be happier and more focused.'

Jarrod Papandrea

'Having just read reclaim your power by Craig Ball it is without doubt that Craigs drive and passion will not only motivate you as a man but also help you to learn to accept accountability, authenticity and ideally become the better man you could be. Thanks Craig for all you’ve done for me to date.'

Brad Spillane , Men's Mental Health Show85

'This book is simple and easy to digest. Craig sets you up well by Clearing the Clutter and confusion  faced in dealing with mental health and emotions'

'...the models and images used throughout the book are world class, enabling you to make best use of concepts such as forgiveness and how powerful that can be. He then helps you to remove the negative energy in a way that empowers you to do more...'

Craig Babic

You pay only AUD$20 plus $7 shipping and handling in Australia (AUD$15.00 Shipping to US and Canada)

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